About Us - Start Here!

Welcome to Southern Sisters! Everything you need to know is on our website. Look under Customer Care and all your questions should be answered. If for some reason you can't find an answer to your question just send us a message on Facebook or an email at southernsitersshoppe@gmail.com

A little bit about my family - we are a team Lauren (owner) with the support of Gil (husband) sell comfortable affordable clothes that we want everyone to look and feel their best in! Thank you for stopping by and supporting our small business!

We have 3 kids - Aiden (15), Grace (13), and Charlotte (10) and a goldendoodle - Bailey! We live in North Carolina! Lauren survives off iced coffee, dark chocolate and escaping in a good Podcast or book! We are happiest at the beach spending time with each other! 

We wanted to fill our online shoppe with clothes we love that make you look and feel good at any age! A few accessories to dress up any outfit or give as a gift! Each item is hand-picked by us and you, our customers. We value your opinion and hear your wants. We are drawn to the boho, chic southern styles with everyday wear and how they meet with fashion and comfort. We like to spice things up from time to time with modern and forward-thinking fashion designs. We love to showcase local as well as international labels. Our moods are ever changing and so are the looks on our online store. We hold strong in our beliefs of faith, family, hard work and honesty. Live well, love each other and laugh often!

Generalized Size Chart: 

S: 2-6

M: 8-10

L: 12-14

XL: 16-18

2XL: 20-22

3XL: 24